Sunday, 4 March 2018

Week 5 Kupu o te Wiki winners!

Kia ora koutou,
Whakamihi to Ruby-Blu Donkin from Harakeke for suggesting the week 6 kupu. 
Haere tonu! - Keep going! 
Ruby-Blu wins 20 house points for Harakeke. Ka mau te wehi!
The following students have won 10 house points each for completing the quiz this week:
Ava Costley, Elijah Cliff, Ella Costley, Ella Timo, Erin N, Ethan Field, Grace Olliver, Holly Haffenden, Jack Druery, Olivia Cooper, Pai Wynyard, Ruby-Blu Donkin, Shamus McCulloch, Tanisha Butt, and Zara from Harakeke!
Adam Hedgman, Bradley Prescott, Dylan Wansborough, Flynn Glintmeyer, Harvie Goldie, Lily Hart, Meadow Mckeever, and Nina Janssens from Kahu Kiwi!
Addison Revell, Amelia Osborn, Amy Ellis, Ethan Buckland, Isla Maclean, Jack B, Jackson T, Joe Kennedy, Keisha R, Livia Naylor, Millie Robertson, Olivia Richards, Riley Tyson, Tyler Limmer, and Zane Roberts from Korowai!
Alani Rossiter, Anneliese Arnold, Bella van Nobelen, Blake Wilson, Caitlin Sim, Fynn Wadsworth, Gianna Watkinson, Isana Yazdani, Jessie Mercer, Liam Wilson, Lucus M, Matthew Silvester, Samuel Woermann, and Tyler Lagrada from Whitau!
Remember collective house points will earn your whole house a treat at the end of the term!!
Make sure you use your rorohiko to enter this week's quiz, and win 10 house points automatically! Here is an easy link -
Points Table for Week 5
Harakeke - 170
Korowai - 150
Whitau - 140
Kahu Kiwi - 80
Karawhiua and Kia kaha!