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Week 7 Winners!

Whakamihi to Ashleigh Leka, Izzy Davies, Zoe Davies, and Mia McNaughton-Vincent for suggesting the Term 4, week 8 and 9 kupu of: Meri Kirihimete - Merry Christmas Ashleigh, Izzy, and Zoe win 60 housepoints for Kahu Kiwi, and Mia wins 20 housepoints for Whitau. The following students have won 10 house points each for completing the quiz this week: Ava Costley, Eleisha Friends, Ella C, Ella Timo, Hayley Rogers, Jessica Fairbairn, Kaleb Curd, Matt Elliott, Max Falvey, Myah D, Oliver Balani, Olivia Cooper, Oscar GT, Shamus McCulloch, and Tia W from Harakeke! Adam Irving , Amelie Coggan, Amelie McArthur, Ashleigh Leka, Bailey H, Bradley Prescott, Dominique St Thomas, Eli L, Flynn Glintmeyer, Holly Coggan, Izzy Davies, Zoe Davies, Jack Cassidy, Jack Haines, Jack Major, Lily Hart, Lorna Hart, Meadow McKeever, Oscar HS, and Thomas Coggan from Kahu Kiwi! Amy Ellis, Amy Hughes, Anise Armstrong, George H, Isla Maclean, Jacob Mcgraw, Lachlan R, Laura Wolland, Livia Naylor, Megan Rosevear, Millie Robert…