Sunday, 11 February 2018

Week 2 Kupu Winners - Amelia Osborn and Ava Costley

Kia ora koutou,
Whakamihi to Amelia Osborn from Korowai, and Ava Costley from Harakeke for suggesting the week 3 kupu. They both submitted slightly different versions of the Māori, but both meant the same in English. Good thinking girls, this is the time of year to make sure you've got your potae on!
Whakamaua tō potae - Wear your hat 
Amelia wins 20 house points for Korowai, and Ava wins 20 house points for Harakeke. Ka mau te wehi e hine mā!
The following students have won 10 house points each for completing the quiz this week:
Ava Costley, Dylan Cox, Ella Costley, Ella Timo, Fletcher Cole, Zara Dick, Max Falvey, Oliver Balani, and Tia Wynyard from Harakeke!
Bradley Prescott, Dominique, Flynn Glintmyer, Lorna Hart, Mack Isherwood, Meadow McKeever, Olivia Ionita, and Shelby De Lange from Kahu Kiwi!
Alex Tinkler, Amelia Osborn, Amy Ellis, Ethan Muir, Isla Maclean, Jack Kidd, Nikita Maulgue, and Olivia Richards from Korowai!
Anneliese Arnold, Bradlee Jolly, Caitlin Sim, Fynn Wadsworth, Jessie Mercer, Kasey Bennet, Liam Wilson, and Matthew Silvester from Whitau!
Remember collective house points will earn your whole house a treat at the end of the term!!
Make sure you use your rorohiko to enter this week's quiz, and win 10 house points automatically! Here is an easy link -
Points Table for Week 2
Harakeke - 110
Korowai - 100
Kahu Kiwi - 80
Whitau - 80
Karawhiua and Kia kaha!