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Week 6 Kupu Winners! Whakamihi to Isla Maclean!

Whakamihi to Isla Maclean from Korimako for suggesting the Term 4, week 6 kupu of:

Whakarongo ki to kaiako 
- Listen to your teacher

Isla wins 20 house points for Korowai and will hold the mana in our next assembly. Ka mau te wehi Isla!
The following students have won 10 house points each for completing the quiz this week:

Ava Costley, Daisy Druery, Ella Costley, Ella Timo, Jessica Fairbairn, Oliver Balani, Oscar GT, Shamus McCulloch, and Tia W from Harakeke!

Amelie Coggan, Amelia McArthur, Dominique St Thomas, Eli Leonard, Jack Cassidy, Jack Haines, Jack Major, Lily Hart, Lorna Hart, and Meadow Mckeever from Kahu Kiwi!

Amber Bringans, Amelia Osborn, Amy Hughes, Corbin Maulgue, Ethan Muir, Isla Maclean, Jacob McGraw, Lachlan R, Laclan McIvor, Laura Wolland, Livia Naylor, Megan Rosevear, Nikita Maulgue, Olivia Richards, and Riley Tyson from Korowai!

Abigail Walker, Caitlin Sim, Dylan Wenmoth, Hannah Gardiner, Isana Yazdani, JJ Sims, Liam Turner, Liam Wilson, Mia MV, Niah Williams, and Olivia Walker-Marshall from Whitau!!

House Points from the Week 6 Quiz are:

Korowai get an extra 200 points this week for being house winners!! Ka rawe!!
Korowai - 370
Whitau - 110
Kahu Kiwi - 100
Harakeke - 90

Here is the link to the Week 7 quiz -
Use your te reo Māori in the classroom and you could be identified as your hub's 'te reo Māori' expert of the week. You should be practising your pepehā regularly to make sure you don't forget it!
We will be focusing on using simple classroom language, including asking what the Māori word for something is this term, so ensure you are learning the kupu associated for this.
Karawhiua and Kia kaha!

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Molly Cassidy, Dylan, Bradley Prescott, Dominique St Thomas, Meadow Mckeever from Kahu Kiwi!
Riley Tyson, Macy Limmer, Scarlett Noble, Livia Naylor, Jackson T from Korowai!
Caitlin Sim, Matthew Silvester, Isana Yazdani, Liam Wilson, Lucas Maguire from Whitau! Remember collective house points will earn your whole house a treat at the end of the term!! Make sure you use your rorohiko to enter this week's quiz, and win 20 house points automatically! Yes, 20 points!!
Here is an easy link -
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