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Whakamihi to the Week 4 TE REO Hub Winners!

Mabel Hart from Pukeko

India Grace Leonard from Korimako

Can you learn how to pronounce the longest place in Aotearoa? Karawhiua!

Not only is it the longest placename in Aotearoa New Zealand, it is the longest placename in the World!

Watch this video and learn how to pronounce it! Impress all your whānau (family) and hoa mā (friends).

Whakamihi to Tom Stevens in the Pukeko Hub for being our Te Reo Māori Star of the Week!

Whakamihi to Tom Stevens. He has learnt our whakataukī by heart, and knows what it means! Ka pai Tom!

Whakamihi (congratulations) to Ngarutoa, Isaac Nichols, and Azure Walker!!

Whakamihi (congratulations) to Ngarutoa in the Pukeko Nest.

Isaac Nichols in the Pukeko Hub.

And Azure Walker from the Korimako Hub.

For using their te reo Māori the most in Week 3.

How is it going?

How have you got on this week learning and using the kupu?
Have you tried it out on your parents? Friends? Teachers?
Don’t forget it now, keep on using it!
Karawhiua (give it heaps!).

Whakamihi (congratulations) to Maia Moon-Tukapua - Pukeko

Whakamihi (congratulations) to Maia Moon-Tukapua in the Pukeko hub for using her te reo Māori the most in Week 1. Kei te whakahīhī au ki a koe! - I am very proud of you!

Kupu of the week - WEEK 2

Kia ora koutou,

We will be using 'karawhiua' as our kupu of the week for week 2, as week 1 and 2 are short weeks.

I'll have a new kupu and questionnaire for you to win house points next Monday!

Karawhiua! Give it heaps/go for it!

Kupu o te Rā (word of the day) and Kupu o te Wiki (word of the week) by email

Register to with your email address to receive Kupu o te Rā (word of the day) and Kupu o te Wiki (word of the week) by email. Open your email Practise saying the kupu correctly out loudUse it your everyday language by inserting it instead of the English, e.g. I'm going to sit in my māra (garden).Watch you te reo Māori grow!